When I started my teaching assistantship at the University of Nebraska, I realized how much I loved working with students in art and design. I assisted a course on Color Theory, and taught my own sections of Typography and Graphic Design. I have since developed and taught many courses at Rogers State University, where I started in 2006: Graphic Design I, II, and III, Graphic Design Practicum, Typography, Package Design, Animation, Web Design, History of Graphic Design, Art Marketing, Printmaking I and II, Art Appreciation, Art History, and a Summer Semester in Italy.My approach to teaching art and design is one of learning-by-doing. I believe in giving students the tools, history, and inspiration to make great work. The projects that I assign are sometimes intentionally vague, so students can fill in the gaps. Their solutions are often more creative and exciting than the default boundaries of an assignment.

I think it’s vital for a design educator to be productive. And I bring my studio practice to the classroom whenever possible. Whether I’m working with a freelance client, or creating an installation for a gallery exhibition, I bring that context to my students.

Teaching Philosophy

Selected student work: